The core team is made up of people of all ages and walks of life: from varsity students to teachers, accountants to medical professionals. Each of us has, in one way or another, been led by God to this ministry. Some of us have loads of experience working with young people, some of us don’t. But by God’s grace, we all love learning and growing with the teens in the programme and we get the awesome privilege of seeing Him work in their lives.

Every Sunday night, the core team are the people who facilitate the life night. That means we’re the ones who get to go crazy decorating the hall, sometimes we dress up and act in skits, we run the games and activities… but most importantly, we spend time chatting to the teens, getting to know them and trying to help them get to know the Truth – Jesus Christ. We pray with the teens when we’re together with them, and we pray for them when we’re not.

Aside from Sunday nights, the core team meets together every Monday evening for 5.30pm mass which is followed by Adoration. The core team members then get together in the catechetical centre to spend some time on our own spiritual formation. This is one of the most important parts of our ministry, because if we never work on our own faith, what will we have to share with the teens?! Sometimes we do a bit of a bible study, or tackle an issue of the Catechism, otherwise we might learn about a particular devotion, or do a reflection of some kind. Part of the time, or occasionally the whole hour, we share with one another our experiences and where we are in our faith. This has really helped us to love one another and to feel a sense of community and friendship with each other. Not only do we laugh and have fun together, but we also learn so much from one another and challenge each other to be better Christians.

This first hour is open to anyone who has been Confirmed, whether or not you are involved in the Life Nights on Sunday. So please feel free to join us for Mass and some spiritual formation! Especially if you’re a life teen graduate!

The core group then remains behind for another hour to plan the upcoming few life nights. The life teen syllabus arrives ready to use, so all that needs doing is to see who can help prepare and conduct each element of the night. However, there’s plenty of room to adapt things and be creative, especially with the environment and activities. Those who have the time will sometimes commit to organizing or making something for the life night during the week. But other than that, our life teen work is to pray for teens and to look forward to Sunday!